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Clothes Dryer Check-up

Clothes Dryer Check-up

It’s dryer-vent safety awareness month. You know what that means. It’s time to check your clothes dryer for potential problems. Have you cleaned your clothes dryer lately? If not, it’s probably due for some maintenance. The lint screen should be removed and cleaned after every load; otherwise, the heated air can’t circulate properly. The dryer will work too hard, clothes won’t dry quickly and it could even be a fire hazard, due to overheating. At least once a year you should remove the big vent tube on the back and clean out any accumulated lint. The same goes for the dryer cabinet. Get inside and remove all lint by hand or by vacuuming. You might be surprised at how much there is. And remember, it’s flammable. If your dryer has a plastic-flex vent tube, consider replacing it with an aluminum one — for safety. Plastic, just like lint, can catch on fire. Give your dryer an annual checkup. It’ll dry better, faster and more safely. Source : OnTheHouse.Com